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Asthma Patient Video
Theatrical – New York
Nice Guys Finish... Stevie Apricot Sky Productions
In Reverse Order Gordon Strawberry One Act Festival
Curing Ron Ron American Theater of Actors
Nice Guys Finish... Stevie Midtown Int'l. Theatre Festival
Love is in the Air Reese Brooklyn Lyceum Theatre
Bright Eyed Boy Solder 1 Sanford-Meisner Theatre
Earth & Sky Gatz (646) Theatre Company
Nice Guys Finish... Stevie American Theater of Actors

 Theatrical – Regional
And Then There Were None
South Street Players
The Drunken City
BobEdison Valley Playhouse
Something in the Air Walker Alliance Rep
Moonlight & Magnolias David O Selznick South Street Players
Frankenstein Henry South Street Players
You Can't Say That Jimmy Chase First Avenue Playhouse
Spider's Web Henry/Oliver South Street Players
Midsummer Night's Dream Bottom Blairstown Historical Theatre
Moon Over Buffalo Paul The Barn Theatre
Torch Song Trilogy Arnold Theatre at the Y
Shakespeare Abridged Daniel Chester Theatre Group
Miracle Worker Keller Theatre Under the Stars
Electra Aegisthus CCM Shakespeare & Co.
Romeo and Juliet Capulet Brundage Park Playhouse
Time of My Life Waiters Chester Theatre Group
The Bacchae Pentheus CCM Shakespeare & Co.
Midsummer Night's Dream Theseus The Barn Theatre
As You Like It Oliver CCM Shakespeare & Co.
Much Ado About Nothing Don Pedro Theatre Under the Stars
Merchant of Venice Gratiano CCM Shakespeare & Co.
Antigone Messenger CCM Shakespeare & Co.
Hamlet Guildenstern Brundage Park Playhouse
Theatrical – Children's Shows
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Coach Comet / Santa / King Moonraiser
JAM Theater Company
Frosty the Snowman
JAM Theater Company
Velveteen Rabbit
Ted / Horse
JAM Theater Company
Velveteen Rabbit Ted / Horse Alliance Rep
Velveteen Rabbit Ted / Horse 12 Miles West Theatre Co.
Frizzled Fairy Tales Player 12 Miles West Theatre Co.
Sleepy Hollow Brom Bones 12 Miles West Theatre Co.

Television / Film / Commercial / Voice-Over
Asthma Patient Video Actor Drury Design Dynamics
Pharma Drive Time CD Voice-Over Drury Design Dynamics
Atlantic Health Clubs  Voice-Over Nora Sullivan
Here's To... Troye (Principal) Reservoir Films
The Train Show Voice-Over Kralyevich Productions
Wheels on the Bus Lead Extra Tumbleweed Pictures
That's Disgusting! Fisherman Discovery Kids International
Korean War in Color Voice-Over Kralyevich Productions
Biography: Cadbury Re-enactment A&E
Block Party Summer  Principal Nick-at-Nite Promo
Guiding Light Extra P&G Productions
Boston's Most Wanted Principal WBZ-TV Boston
Cannon Marathon Principal WABU-TV Boston
Olympic Health Club Principal Comcast NJ Regional Spot
Training / Affiliations
M.S., Broadcasting Production - Boston University

Reviews and Accomplishments
"Robert Scott Sullivan's depiction of the nebbish-y Walker is winning and infuriating at the same time. Every time he announces that his cashmere coat is really made of the synthetic vechtoline, he brings down the house! He garners our sympathy for he is, at heart, a "good and true" man albeit a bit naive."
                                      —Ruth Ross, (Something in the Air)
"For this play to succeed it depends largely on the viewer's acceptance of Walker as a decent, goofy guy... and Robert Scott Sullivan nicely delivers. His body language and speech clearly reflect a lost soul reluctantly prepared to enter into a dark pact."
                                   —Rick Busciglio, (Something in the Air)
2010 NJACT Perry Award Nomination, Featured Actor (Spider's Web)
“…forcefully staged by Robert Sullivan…”
“…(Rob) Sullivan and Matt McCarthy, both strong in their roles…”
                                   --Elias Stimac, (Bright Eyed Boy)
“You can tell the play's a winner when the performers seem to be having as much fun as the audience”

“A trio of very talented and agile actors in tights…”

“Guaranteed to produce unending laughter? Absolutely!”
                                   -- By Ruth Ross, Drama Critic Recorder Newspapers  
                                     (Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged))
“Linda Liaukus and Rob Sullivan depicted quite well the bewilderment, frustration and grief that accompany the parenting of a severely disabled child.”
                                   -- By Ruth Ross, Drama Critic Recorder Newspapers    
                                     (Miracle Worker)
“Sullivan and McCormack both nicely navigated the predictability of their roles, mixing insecurity with sweetness.”
                                   -- Review by David Mackler,
“Director Rob Sullivan…did a great job of keeping the outcome of Alter’s comic roller-coaster ride ambiguous until the final curtain.”

“Sullivan gets much comic mileage out of the rich material.”
                                   --Elias Stimac, (Nice Guys Finish…)
“Sullivan and Crane make the perfect couple for the show's romantic focal point; her somewhat skeptical eagerness and his ingratiating behavior (even when trying to put up a rock-hard fašade) are exactly what Nice Guys Finish... needs to elevate it from the everyday to the special. It's impossible not to want these two, and others like them, to succeed and flourish together, something that would suggest there's hope for stronger male-female relations after all.”
                                   -- Matthew Murray, (Nice  
                                     Guys Finish…)
“Rob Sullivan…is so comically unattractive that the audience explodes in laughter.”

“Directed by Rob Sullivan (doing double duty) with a sure hand and a natural touch, this is a show that might well appeal to the same audience as that of the musical I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.”
                                   -- Barbara & Scott Siegel, (Nice Guys                                       Finish…)
"Sullivan is truly remarkable as Ron, who throughout all of his self-pity, perverseness, bruised ego, heroism and deep capacity for love, keeps the audience on his side."
                                   --Arlene McKanic, Greenwich Village Gazette (Curing    
"Rob Sullivan is magnificent in the role of Ron.  With aplomb he easily transitions between playing Ron at age 10, and at age 30."
                                   --G.S. Bowen, Hi! Drama/Channel 57, Channel 109      
                                     (Curing Ron)
"The actors are wonderful, and perform with a naturalness that brings flashes of recognition; we all know someone like these folks. Sullivan, who was excellent as the hero in Curing Ron, is terrifically funny as Stevie, his doughy face popping out in a sweat as he struggles to keep his natural sweetness at bay."
                                   --Arlene McKanic/Greenwich Village Gazette (Curing

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